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Make a payment

Pay online:

If your financial institution offers online banking, then you can make a payment online through them by selecting "Credit Union MasterCard" as the payee.

Pay by mail:

CUETS Financial
PO BOX 4637, Station 'A'
Toronto, ON
M5W 5C6

Please be sure to include your credit card account number on your cheque or money order. Payments are processed daily Monday-Friday and are credited upon receipt. If making a payment by mail, be sure to allow up to 10 days for your payment to be received and posted to your account.

Pre-authorized debit:

You can download the form from by selecting the Pre-Authorized Debit Service Payment Plan page from the Services menu, or obtain the form directly from your local branch.
Complete the form and mail to:
CUETS Financial
Attention: Operations Support
PO Box 3030
Regina, SK,
S4P 3G8
Or fax to: 1-800-427-5999

Western Union®:

Visit for location information

  • The Payee is CUETS Financial
  • The City Code is TCUETS

Pay at participating branch

You can make a payment to your credit card account at a participating branch.

To find the nearest participating branch, visit the branch locator service.

Apply for a credit card account

Apply online:

Choose the credit card that suits you and conveniently apply online.

Apply in branch:

Choose the credit card that suits you and apply in branch
Find the branch closest to you
Inquire about your credit card account application status:
Monday to Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm EST

Contact customer service

For current balance and payment information, sign in to Online Card Services. To report your credit card lost or stolen, for help with your credit card account, or to inquire about CHOICE REWARDS® products and services:

Inquire about your credit card account application status:
Monday to Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm EST

Get help with your credit card account:
24 hours a day / seven days a week


From outside Canada and US

1-306-566-1276 (call collect)

TTY Number

English 1-800-872-5758
French 1-800-872-5280

In Case of Errors or Questions About Your Credit Card Account Statement
Billing rights are preserved through written inquiries only. If you think your credit card account statement is wrong or you need more information about a transaction on your account statement, use a copy of the dispute form provided on the back of your account statement (or write us on a separate sheet for each suspected error and include the following information: your name and account number; the dollar amount of the suspected error; the posting date of the transaction in question; the merchant name; and a description of the error and an explanation, if possible, of why you believe there is an error) and send it to us by mail at:
CUETS Financial
PO BOX 3030
Regina, SK
S4P 3G8

We must receive your dispute notice within 60 days after the closing date of the account statement on which the suspected error appeared. Please do not send the notice with your payment.
We are at your service with resolving any concerns to assist in resolving any concerns you might have about your credit card.

Transfer balances

Request a balance transfer


Get a cash advance from an ATM

Locate an ATM displaying the Cirrus or MasterCard® logo

Image-MasterCard logo

Learn how to obtain a PIN

Get a cash advance from a bank

You can obtain a cash advance from your credit card account by using your credit card at an ATM, participating credit union branch, bank or other eligible location.

To find the nearest participating credit union branch, visit credit union branch locator service.

To find the nearest ATM, visit MasterCard® ATM locator service.

If you need cash and do not have your PIN, take your credit card and another piece of identification into a participating credit union branch or other financial institution that is affiliated with MasterCard.

To have a PIN sent to your billing address, call 1-800-561-7849.

Please note that cash advances are subject to your cash advance available limit and may be subject to a transaction fee. Call 1-800-561-7849 for specific information pertaining to the fees and finance charges applicable to your account.

Redeem your rewards points


Redeem points online or by calling 1-877-877-3703