Resolving Your Complaints for CUETS Financial Products or Service

Your satisfaction is the basis of our business, and we want to provide you with a positive customer experience.

If you have a concern with a product or service you’ve received from CUETS Financial, we want to address it as quickly and effectively as possible. That’s why we have developed a simple process that can resolve most of your concerns.

How it works

Please follow these steps as we work together to reach a solution:

Expand Step 1: Talk to a CUETS Financial Customer Service Representative

Raise your concern with us as soon as you notice it. Many issues can be resolved right at the time when they occur. So please discuss your matter directly with a CUETS Financial Customer Service Representative who will be happy to assist you.

If a CUETS Financial Customer Service Representative is not able to resolve your concern to your satisfaction, at any time you can ask to speak to a manager.

Resolution checklist

Before you speak to us, it’s a good idea to –

Record the details of your concern; include important dates and the names of any CUETS Financial employees involved.

Collect any paperwork or documents related to your request.

Provide your preferred contact information (such as telephone number or email address) and the best times to contact you.

How to contact us:

Attention: CUETS Financial Customer Service
PO Box 3030
Regina, SK S4P 3G8

Phone:    1-800-561-7849 (toll-free)

TDD :      1-800-872-5758 (toll-free)

FAX :      1-800-439-5491 (toll-free)

Expand Step 2: Elevate your concern

If you have contacted us and are not satisfied with the resolution that has been offered, your concern can be referred to a representative of our Senior Management team by contacting us by phone, email, fax or in writing as follows:

Attention: CUETS Financial Customer Relations
P.O. BOX 9629
Ottawa, ON K1G 6V1

Phone:    1-877-405-6262


NOTE: For your protection do not send confidential information via email, as email correspondence is not secure. If your request requires disclosure of confidential information for resolution, please call us.

Fax :     1-800-439-5491 Attn. CUETS Financial Customer Relations

Before you process to the next step, please be sure you have completed the previous steps:

  1. Talked to a Customer Service Representative and/or manager.
  2. Elevated your concern to a member of our Senior Management team.
Expand Step 3: Contact the TD Ombudsman

If you have gone through the first two steps, and still need help finding a solution to your concern, you have the option to refer it to the TD Ombudsman.

The TD Ombudsman’s Office will work with both you and CUETS Financial to understand what you expected of us, what service we agreed to deliver and why your expectations were not met. The goal of the TD Ombudsman’s Office is to apply principles of fairness to find a solution.

The TD Ombudsman office does not normally investigate concerns regarding

  • Bank policies, including credit granting policies or risk management decisions
  • Levels of interest rates, service charges or fees that apply to all customers
  • Matters where legal action has already commenced or has been concluded.

Mail:       TD Ombudsman

PO Box 1, Toronto-Dominion Centre
Toronto, ON M5K 1A2

Phone: 1-888-361-0319



Please include your full name, address, telephone number(s) and the details of your concern in your letter, email or fax. The TD Ombudsman can also be reached by telephone at 416-982-4884 or toll-free at 1-888-361-0319.

Expand Additional resources – external agencies
ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office (ADRBO)

This independent dispute resolution service can provide you with information and a further review of your complaint if you do not accept the decision of the TD Ombudsman. You can contact this service if you have waited more than 90 days for a resolution after elevating your concern.


ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office (ADRBO)

P.O. Box 1006

31 Adelaide Street East

Toronto, ON M5C 2K4







Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (“FCAC”)

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada supervises financial institutions such as banks to ensure that they comply with federal consumer protection laws. The FCAC also helps educate consumers and monitors voluntary codes of conduct and public commitments designed to protect the interests of consumers. We provide our customers with enhanced protection through our public commitments and our adherence to certain codes of conduct that govern the industry. For more information about our voluntary codes of conduct and public commitments please refer to CUETS Financial’s complaint handling procedures, which are available online at

If you have a complaint that you think may involve a violation of a consumer protection law, a public commitment or an industry code of conduct, contact FCAC by telephone, mail or through their website as follows:


Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Enterprise Building, 6th Floor

427 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa, ON K1R 1B9




Please note: The FCAC does not become involved in matters involving product pricing and billing or payment errors – all such requests must follow the problem resolution process set out in this brochure.

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPCC)

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada investigates privacy complaints under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

If your complaint or inquiry concerns a privacy issue, please contact the OPCC as follows:

Write to:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

30 Victoria Street

Gatineau, Quebec K1A 1H3


Toll-free Telephone:


CUETS Financial is a division of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

CUETS is a trade-mark of Credit Union Central of Canada, used under licence

Coercive Tied Selling

Section 459.1 of the Bank Act Canada prohibits coercive tied selling. Specifically, it is against the law for a bank to “impose undue pressure on, or coerce, a person to obtain a product or service from a particular person, including the bank or any of its affiliates, as a condition for obtaining another product or service from the bank.” For example, if you apply for a CUETS Financial credit card, we cannot require you to obtain another product as a condition for obtaining the credit card.

We try to make every interaction a positive one, but we realize that there will be times when this isn’t the case. When you do have a concern, please let us know. We want to resolve the issue quickly and use your feedback to continually improve our customer service.

Country Sanctions and Financial Transactions on your Card

Your card can be used all over the world except in certain countries where there are economic and trade sanctions and high risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. These countries are subject to change at any time.

Examples of where CHOICE REWARDS MasterCard credit cards and GLOBAL PAYMENT MasterCard cards cannot be used to process transactions from include but are not limited to:


Myanmar (Burma)

North Korea



You should be aware that under U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) regulations, customers who are U.S. citizens are subject to regulations that limit the use of their cards in certain jurisdictions sanctioned by OFAC, and that similar regulations may exist in other jurisdictions applicable to their citizens.